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    I'm getting on the road for a good 4 hours to head up to Amarillo Texas tomorrow to catch a plane and hopefully be in Denver Colorado by 7:00 or 6:00pm. Already been setting up my laptop to horde all my PSD. files; to witch took 4 and a half hours to transfer over 2,000 files through a network connection because a jump drive was too small. XD I'm even going to take my graphics tablet so I can work on commissions while I'm away, however, no Livestream cause my laptop is too slow to run Procaster and PS at the same time and would be super annoying. I'll be in Colorado for a good week and after that, I'll be back on the road with my awesome cousin Noreen to her house in Sand Diego California to witch I will stay for the last two weeks. It's going to be super awesome and I totally can't wait! (however, I'm going to be without internet for five days, so commissioners please bare with me! XD)

    The reason for commissions was to have money for my trip so, in case I saw anything I wanted, I wouldn't have to ask my family for money and end up having to pay them back later; it always makes me feel guilty inside and I get a burning in my heart when I know I have something to do, but don't have time to do it. The first five days or so I will be heading up into the mountains with my cousin, her four kids and her husband, and my uncle Jimmy (who has kindly paid for my flight, what a sweetie!) We are going horse back ridding and camping and perhaps later even head over to a local water park and splash around.

Anyways, yep, so if I'm suddenly offline for extended time, that's why. However, I will have my commissions done very soon as I always try to get them done very quickly! I'll be setting up a livestream very soon in fact. (a few minuets just as soon as I grab some quick food!)
Anyways, yeah :D:heart:

-----------------------------Update~ 7/30/2014
Hey everyone! finaly got back from camping today, we're a day early, but the weather really took a turn for the worst and it has been pooring on and off for the last two days. The drive back to Denver was crazy and the fog thick; we didn't even get a chance to go horse back ridding because of the rain. My uncle plans to take us horse back ridding perhaps yesterday if the weather is any better (but there is still a possibility that we wont go :( ) Anyways, I posted up pictures of the mountains and a video of some moos that wandered near the camp site on my Instagram ( and a few of you guys ended up finding me because of a certain someone- *cough growling Napoisk growling cough* I will eat your soul <3 -featured me on their IG (witch was super nice, but I will still eat your heart :heart:)
    But yeaahhhhhhh I'm still in Denver and will be getting on the road to Sandiego on Sunday and will be reaching my cousin's house on Monday (will have to spent a night at a hotel since it's a good 13 hour drive) and will probably taking a 1 hour flight to Los Vegas and then hop on a 3 hour flight to Lubbock. THEN it's another two hour drive back to my hometown of Sweetwater. *heavy crying* I miss my birds and gramps, but I don't want it to end...
    My cousin and I have been hanging out a lot and talking and it's been fun, turns out that she and I have the same taste in music! 8D She asked me if I would ever think about visiting her in Hawaii, I told her I didn't know, I'd have to see about the cost of a flight. I did however over hear my uncle saying "that could be arranged." Sooooooo I'm super excited to see if it will work out and whether or not I'll be able to go next year to see their house. If so, I would cry and probably wouldn't be able to sleep and whole night before.
    Nothing ells going on besides sitting at the dinning room table and chatting it up with my cousin. I will be working on commissions later tonight and see if I can knock out on of my icon commission and a full body (I have WIPs on my
 tumblr if you're a commissioner and are concerned if I'm on to yours yet or not. UwU)
ALSO! I saw ALL of ya'll's birthdays wishes (I think it was 180 comments on my front page holy cow) and a lot of gifts and I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to spamming everyone's account hahahah, but I wanted to say THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH :heart: was a real surprise! 8D Thank you all again so very much!
    I will update later, don't know when cause we're not supposed to do much ells really other than spending time with each other. I will see about setting up a Livestream when I make it back to Sweetwater TX and have time to get on my larger computer after I unpack and tell everyone about the trip. OwO till then I'll be lurkin' on DA. :heart:

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